COVID-19 charts

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COVID-19 is a virus that spreads rapidly and has been confirmed nearly all over the globe. The "Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering" has an great dataset of COVID-19 cases across the globe per Country/Region. I mirror their dataset to an own format by having each country in another csv file to htps:// To see what we can do with the data I create some simple graphics in this article.

NOTE: I am not an professional. This is just some visualizations of real-world data.
NOTE: The background grid in each chart is 7days width, and 10% of the total confirmed cases high. The left axis describes the total case number, the right axis the new confirmed per day cases and the bottom axis the dates.
NOTE: The difference per day (purple) is now averaged for 3 days to reduce noice due to different report times during the weekends. Death-rate is calculated by: (100 / lastConfirmed) * lastDeaths.